1,000 lb. Capacity - Static & Transfer
2 Patient Surface Widths in One Frame
3 Piece Interchangeable Width Mattress
“Fold & Roll” One Person Delivery System
Integrated Scale System Option
Exit/Enter at Foot of Bed Option
Expansion/retraction to 54” width
Fold Down Foot Rails
Plexiglas Windowed, Rotating Head Rails
Narrower Frame for improved doorway clearance

1 Button Trendelenberg functions
Improved Trapeze efficiency with enhanced patient access

New, Streamlined Dual Passage Assist
Impulse Drive System

Multiple Positions:
Trendelenberg / Reverse Trendelenberg
Hi-Lo: 14” to 28”
Cardiac Chair Positioning
Independent Head & Knee Positioning
Integrated Scale System

3 Widths in 1 Frame 37” to 48” or 54”
easy slide, expand/contract
Easy Patient Egress at Foot or Side of Bed
3 & 4 Corner Trapeze Frame Setup
Impulse Drive System
Attendant Control
Angle Indicators
Battery Back-Up
CPR Release Mechanism

Tri-Flex II Side of Bed Egress

1,000 lb. Capacity!

37” Width x 86” Length
48” Width x 86” Length
54” Width x 86” Length

93 7/8” Long
40 3/4” Wide Caster to Caster

Class: Fully Electric: Modular Electronics
37” Patient Surface Width for Transport
48” Patient Surface Width for in room use
54” Patient Surface Width for in room use

UL 60601-1 / IEC 60601-2-38
Capacity: 1000 lbs.

Misc: Hospital Grade Plug
--Low Voltage/High Efficiency
--(Low Power Consumption 1.6 amps)
--Heavy Duty 6” x 1 1/4” Steer & Lock Casters

Attendant Control

Durable Molded Reinforced
Plastic Head and Foot Boards
Single Switch controls for
Trendelenberg and cardio chair
Quiet DC Motors with Battery Back up
CPR Release

Patented Fold and Roll Design used for Single Person Transport and Storage.

Tri-Flex II Folded for Transport

Options available:
Impulse "Center of Bed" Drive System
Barri-Float Foam Mattress w/Bolsters
4 and 3 Corner Patient Booster Trapeze
Single Arm Patient Booster Trapeze
Tri-Flex™ II Air Mattress
Dual Passage Assist

Angle Indicators
Under Bed Light
Dual Passage Assist
Oxygen Holder
Multiple Removable IV Poles
Terminal/Power Strip
Roller and Soft Wall Bumpers

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