Tri-Flex II Questions

What is the weight capacity?

1000 Pounds

Can you have a 1000 lb patient on the bed and the trapeze set?


What are the benefits of the "Fold & Roll" design?

  • 1 Person can easily deliver the bed
  • It takes up to 1/3 of the space of a regular design bed, whether in transit or in storage

What comes standard with the bed?

  • 1000 lb capacity frame with extra width capability from 37" to 48"
  • "Fold & Roll" design for 1 person delivery system and easy storage
  • Fully electric with Hi-Lo, Trendelenberg/Reverse Trendelenberg, Full Head & Knee Gatch Adjustment
  • 1 Hand Control
  • 2 Head Side Rails
  • 7" pressure reducing foam mattress with accompanying sections for extra width capability
  • Molded Plastic Head & Foot Boards
  • CPR Release & Battery Back Up

How do you make the patient surface width wider or narrower?

Sections along each side of the bed release and slide out or in to lock into place

How does that work with the foam pressure reducing mattress?

The foam mattress is a 3 piece arrangement that offers side bolsters for the wider position.  They are removed when reducing the patient surface width to transfer the patient on the bed to a new location

Can the scale option be installed in the field?

No, the integrated scale system must be installed at the factory

How wide and long is the patient surface of the bed?

37",  48" or  54" Wide (Adjustable)

86" Long

Why does a bed need to be independently tested to the UL 606021-1 and/or the IEC 60601-2-38?

Many bariatric beds in the market may have only parts of the bed certified to one standard or another, for example, only the electrical package may have this level of safety assurance.  The Tri-Flex II has passed the UL 60601-1 and IEC 60601-2-38 testing as a complete and total bed in independent testing by the ETL