Barri-Float™ is a therapeutic, bariatric pressure reducing mattress system, specially designed for the morbidly obese patient to lower interface pressure & temperature, improve clinical outcomes, and enhance patient comfort.

Dimensions: 36" to 48" or 36" to 54" Width x 84" Length x 7" Depth
(1000 lb capacity)


  1. Head Zone: for comfortable, supportive pillow area
  2. Torso Zone: 3 layers with over 200 load bearing support cells for localized, reduced tissue interface pressure over critical bony prominence's.  Over 250 air chambers modulate heat build up for reduced maceration
  3. Transfer Zone: enclosed side bolsters provide enhanced support, stability, and ease of patient egress
  4. Heel Zone: 3 layers with thermo conforming, slow reactive, ViscoElastic foam top layer for ultimate heel protection, maximum comfort and durability
  5. Vaperm Cover: loose billowy vaperm cover reduces pressure, friction, sheer, heat, and moisture. The cover is anti-static, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, flame retardant, and stain resistant with low Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVTR) to reduce the risk of fluid ingress.  270° zipper for easy parts replacement and 4 reinforced mattress positioning handles

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