The Burke Accu-1000 Bariatric bed weight indicator system features a large window LCD display, offering the staff an intuitive menu driven interface that is simple to use and monitor with the touch of a finger. Furthermore, the Accu-1000 system provides twice the accuracy of most bed systems currently available. Now you can effortlessly weigh and track the progress of your bariatric patients’ weight. In addition to being the most accurate scale system, it is the most reliable and safest method available for patient and staff.

Accu-1000 Scale

The unique menu driven interface of the Accu-1000 provides step by step training, allowing virtually any member of the patient care team to to instantly and accurately measure and record both the patients current weight and also the previous weight for comparison, right on the screen.


For easy reading the display unit pivots to adjust to the most comfortable viewing angle for the operator and easily moves to the most advantageous point of use on the bed with a minimum of cabling.

This screen is large, easy to read and displays the weight in a graphical format using simple key functions.
No searching for lost manuals.

A handy “Help” button is always ready to guide the user through the proper steps. The calibration information is electronically stored to an eprom and instantly available.

Designed for convenient transport, the Accu-1000 eliminates the need for any electrical ”plug-in” with a special battery system which uses common alkaline batteries to provide approximately 8000 weight cycles.

Battery condition may be checked at any time to show the number of weigh cycles remaining.  There is also a low battery indicator to remind you when to change the batteries.  

Compared to other weight indicator available, the Burke Accu-1000 weight indicator system is one of the most accurate in the industry by a margin of 2 to 1!  Convenient, easy to use, and flexible, the Accu-1000 is one of the premier systems on the market.