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• 1,000 lb Capacity - Alternating Pressure - Low Air Loss Mattress System
• Quick, Push Button, Width Adjustment for
Transport and Patient Care 37” - 48” / 54”
• Mattress Maintains Air Support During Transport
and Power Outages
• Separate Top Chamber System for True Low Air Loss
• Microprocessor Controller with Multiple A/P Cycle
Times and Automatic Pressure Adjustment

• Anti Sheer Cover is Vapor Permeable for Heat and
Moisture Reduction. (Separate Vapro Permeable
Top Chamber is Removable for Easy Cleaning)
• 21 Maximum Conformity Comfort Cells with
Foam Support Layer
• Rapid CPR Disconnect
• Complies with U.S. Standard 8.6” Side Rail
Height Requirement
• Automatic Fowler Boost and Maximum Inflate Mode


Quick Push Button Width Expansion 37” to 48”. Easy disconnect narrows mattress in seconds. Unique mattress support system maintains patient comfort & support settings while transporting patient throughout facility or during a power failure.

Use in Emergency Evacuation Plan to move patient without the need to find extra staff. Use with our Ultra Maneuverable Mid-Wheel Impulse Drive to reduce number of dangerous transfers and lifts.

21 individual Dual Layer Cells provide maximum conformity and comfort for any individual’s body shape and size.

Easy to use microprocessor controller is efficient & quiet. Choose from 10 adjustable pressure
settings or static mode for transport, transfer and nursing procedures.

Alternating pressure mode is fully adjustable to patient needs with 5/10/15/20 min cycle times and 10 pressure settings for reduced interface pressure. True low air loss top chamber for maximum
patient comfort and reduced maceration during alternating pressure or static mode.

Ultra low shear top layer coverlet is zipper sealed, water proof, vapor permeable, antimicrobial, and fire retardant for maximum patient protection and comfort. Removable chamber for easy cleaning.

Anchor layer anti-slip base with 10 tie downs. Base has 3/4” closed cell foam pad which securely locks the air cells in proper position to prevent patient from bottoming out. Cells remove easily for cleaning and maintenance.

Safety Features: Rapid CPR disconnect. Audiovisual power off and low pressure alarm.
All functions can be locked out.

Air Output (L/M)
Pressure Range (MMHG)
Cycle Times (MIN)
Dimension & Weight Power
Conforms to UL 60601-1

Matress L / W / H

50 Liters Per Minute (Fills Mattress in 2 min.)
7 - 32 MMHG
5, 10, 15 & 20 Minutes
18” x 16” x 11” 16 lbs.
120v AC / 60hz or optional 220v / 50hz


86” x (37” / 48” / 54”) x 7”

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