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Impulse Drive
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New Impulse Drive
Reduces Bariatric Care Injuries

Safer for staff - reduce need for dangerous transfers and expensive cumbersome lifts.

Save staff time
- no combing the facility for 4-6 nurses to move a 1,000 lb. patient and bed
through the facility or risk injury transferring to wheelchair.

Improve staff morale - Reducing the number of transfers means you reduce the threat
of career ending injuries and improve nursing staff morale in your bariatric unit.

Part of Emergency Evacuation Plan - Only one person is needed to move patient


Impulse Center-of-Bed Power Drive System is Best.

Provides superior maneuverability when compared to all Power Drives at end of bed.

50” Turning Radius, allowing (in room) tight positioning correction.

Impulse Bed Drive System is Safer for Staff, Saves Time and Simplifies Emergency Transport.

Burke Tri-Flex II "Impulse Drive" System
Safe and Easy Maneuverability through Variable Acceleration & Positioning.
Able to make small positioning corrections in the room with ease.
Moves bed down the hall at a walking pace or less at driver’s discretion.
Will stop immediately yet gently by removing thumb/finger pressure off the joy stick.
Easily maneuvers in and out of doorways, elevators, turns, etc.

Push Handles

Push handles - Well positioned for optimum ease of use. Foam covered for a comfortable and safe grip. Affords less strain and effort for care givers while positioning or moving the bed. Also included with the Impulse Drive System.
Angle Indicators

Angle Indicators
- Easy to read and self setting - shows the degree of angle of the head gatch for recording levels of patient comfort relating to upper body positioning.


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