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Burke Tri-Flex 2 Unique
Fold and Roll Design

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TF2 in Oasis Beige

Burke, Inc. has been specializing in
Bariatric | Heavy Duty | Hospital Beds
since 1979.

Here at Burke Inc. we manufacture Heavy Duty Bariatric Hospital Beds, Bariatric Transport Air Mattress System, Impulse Drive System, Accu-1000 Scale System, Bariatric Equipment including Bariatric Wheelchairs and Scooters.

Burke, Inc’s newest heavy duty bariatric bed frame is the Tri-Flex II.
The Tri-Flex II features:

----- 1,000 LB Capacity Frame with extra width capability from 37" to 48" to 54".
----- "Fold & Roll" design for 1 person delivery system and easy storage.
----- Fully electric with Hi-Lo, Tredelenberg/Reverse Trendelenberg and
Cardio Chair.
----- Full Head and Knee Gatch Adjustment.
----- CPR Release & Battery Back Up.
----- integrated scales and full frame trapeze options.
----- patient egress from the foot of the bed capability.

Burke "Impulse Drive" System Option
Allows Safe and Easy Maneuverability through Variable Acceleration & Positioning.
Able to make small positioning corrections in the room with ease. Moves bed down the hall at a walking pace or less at driver’s discretion.
Will stop immediately yet gently by removing thumb/finger pressure off the joy stick.
Easily maneuvers in and out of doorways, elevators, turns, etc.

Safer for staff - reduce need for dangerous transfers and expensive cumbersome lifts.
Save staff time - no combing the facility for 4-6 nurses to move a 1,000 lb. patient and bed through the facility or risk injury transferring to wheelchair.


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